Coach Cheri’s Business Planning Guide for Real Estate Investors

By Cheri Alguire & Katrina Eileen

For Real Estate Investors

What are your goals for your real estate investing business next year?

How are you going to reach your goals?

What is your Lead Generation Plan? Capital Acquisition Plan? Budget?

Do you realize how few Real Estate Investors even bother to set goals, let alone create a plan to reach them?

So many Investors say their goal is to do “as much as they can.” When asked what that means in terms of Gross Revenue, Number of Assignments, Number of Flips or Profit, they reply with blank stares.

Coach Cheri Alguire has coached thousands of Real Estate Professionals over the past 15 years to examine their values, set goals, figure out where they are right now, and then create a PLAN to hit those goals.

Katrina Eileen is a Real Estate Investing Instructor who has years of real world real estate experience that she brings to the table to help new investors get into the market.

This 17-part workbook will walk you through setting all of your business and life goals and creating a detailed plan to reach those goals in 2016.

Included with each Planning Guide is a free coaching session (value of $297) to review your completed plan.


Coach Cheri’s exclusive E-Course program, also called an Email Course, is sent to you directly via email, one section at a time for you to complete at your own pace. This workbook will have 17 sections, one section sent every few days starting with today. Once you complete the program, you will have a completed Business Plan for the next year to get your organized to have your best year ever! BONUS: Coach Cheri Alguire will review your completed Business Planning Guide with you in a private Coaching Session at no extra cost ($297 value).


What a great book! This book gives you a road map to your success. Step by step the book walks you the process of having a plan for your business

Bryan Vogt

Amazing, where has this book been. Solid advice and easy to follow system. LOVED this book!

Steve Bradley

Great book. Perfect for all real estate investors and business owners!